Men's fellowship 
Gather men together for prayer and evangelism

Once in a year national men's gathering to lift our holy hands in prayers to have spiritual revival , to reach out to the lost through invitations. Sharing of the word of God on topics eg. marriage , fatherhood ,childcare, supporting the ministry financially , unity among ourselves , familiarization : 
                  3 days program: 
         *Fridays: Local branches , men lead in all activities 
         *Saturdays: National men's gathering to revive and to unite, teach and pray as a national church, we break bread together. Speakers are invited to teach on topics.
         *Sundays : Men take over the full service in all branches (in march)

Contact n° for more details: 
President : Deacon George Opoku Aduse 
tel: 0032/493465200

Women's fellowship
Gather women together for prayer and evangelism

Once in a year gathering of all women in our churches for National Women's Conference. 3 days : Friday, Saturday and Sunday ( May ) 

Friday there is a meeting in all local branches .

Saturday that is national gathering of our women to pray , fast and share the word of God on a lot of topics, their role in the ministry, their importance in the local churches,  soul winning , visitations , marriage, training of their children and their unity to uplift the name of God and His kingdom. We break bread together.
Sunday, they take over the local church service as their day. 
Speakers are invited to take them through some topics
Every local branch also meets once in a month , they take that Saturday to pray and share the Word of God , do some cooking. 

Contact national leader for details
President: Sis Agnes Achiaa
Tel: 0032/492544077
Organiser: Sis Ruth Owusuwaah 
Tel: 0032/492518702


Young Adults Ministry ( Youth ) 

Youth ministries ( Named Young Adults )
We gather all our young adults together at one place for a retreat ( prayers, fasting and build them up in the Word of God ) once a year in July - August.
There are other programs in branch churches:
       1) The Fire Conference in Brussels
Every year in April, a program where they gather all youth around the nation and beyond to rekindle their fire and exuberance in the Lord ( Holy Ghost revival conference)
      2)The Impact Conference in Herentals
Always once in a year in May . We also have a time with the Lord in prayer , fasting , impartation of Spirit and gifts 

Contact National leader for full details : 
National Head Youth Leader : Deacon Frank Opoku
Tel: 0032/488023120  - 0032/466286471

Children Department

Once in a year , we gather all our children together ( Children's day ) 
They join the youth in a quiz ( bible ) to pick up the word of God and also we teach them prayer, boost their moral to be serious with their studies and also fear the Lord.
We have establish the spirit of "I can do it" in them, wherever they may be  not to give up, determination, greatness. In the quizz, they test their biblical knowledge . The parents and pastors talk to them on how to live in this perverse generation. Every year the church dedicates 1 week to pray for our youth, children and all school going children.